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Hello! My name is Sarah. I’m a ceramicist who makes slip-cast and hand-built ceramics, in Leicester, England.


Shepherd Ceramics is a business designing and making their own range of contemporary, ceramic, homewares. With a focus on quality and the handmade, Shepherd Ceramics aims to bring texture, pattern and colour into peoples’ interiors, further expressing their own creative, personal style.


Each vessel is first designed on paper, and from this a model and mould are made in plaster. The ceramic pieces are then slip-cast in porcelain and each one individually hand-dotted by myself. Each piece goes through three firings in the kiln, and multiple processes until finally finished.



Alongside my slip-cast work, I also release ranges of one-off hand-built pieces, where the focus is on pushing my skills as a maker and exploring new techniques. Always functional, but often individual in shape and design, these pieces pique curiosity and are a fun break from the norm. They can sit individually, or in groups, together with my slip-cast work, or apart.


Unlike my slip-cast works, which are clean and crisp in design, these are un-uniform, odd-bods, which have been shaped and moulded by my hands – permanently capturing the marks and movements of the maker. They are an amalgamation of my curious nature as a maker and my inspirations at the time.